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1979 “Transformation”
I got an Ontario Arts Council. and got to choose the schools I wanted so chose “Wandering “Spirit” school. .When I walked in Vern Harper said he had been expecting me as he was told I was coming.  I took part in the sweet grass ceremony they had every morning for the children. Children painted a mural from storytelling of “Magical Earth”   I also lead a workshop on ocean painting and Tedrian Chizyik from New York did movement. Dale Bertrand shared his flowers in Giant Flower Island. Dale Bertrand led a workshop on painting a Medicine Wheel. We later did workshops there thru the Inner city Angles. In 1979 we attended the Symposium for Humanity ( where one major event was Stevanne Auerbach leading the Butterfly Parade) and we marched to ‘love and protect the earth’.   Dale Bertrand and I attended and had a booth at the Rainbow Rose Festival.
People:         Dale Bertrand   Vern Harper
Pauline Shirt 
Luana Harper
Les Harper
DeanaHarper children Merian Soto
Elisa Lodge 
Tedrian Chizik.
Diane Godynick   Dr. Stevanne Auerbach.
Merian Soto
Brenda Parres
Jerry House
Karin Clifford

Dream Wheel
Dream:   “ I was in  the center of the Medicine Wheel and it was turning around me.
I could make it turn for others”

  “Dodoland is part of a whole.. it has the depth of the earth but light and freedom”  

“ If you keep looking you will find the fruit”  

“I saw a man who stood in front of paintings and did movement” “I was told to tell the story with slides”     
    Tedrian went to Peru and prayed for Dodoland’s success at Macchu Picchu at the Altar to the Sun God.  He did his first performance of Dodoland with himself as the Elemental Dodo at the Humanistic Psychology Conference in Philadelphia the Humanistic Psychology Conference.
Starting to do workshops with the Inner city Angels.
I (Della) worked as an artist with them for 17 years.
Dale also worked part-time with them.  Wrote a Teacher’s Guide for Dodoland.                                
Milestone Grid done by Della Burford for 1979
The Butterfly Parade at the Symposium for Humanity in 1979. In this photo is Tedrian Chizik, Jerry House, Della Burford, Stevanne Auerbach, and musicians. This photo is in ‘Art for One World’
Page from Art for One World .. featuring the Butterfly Parade with Dr. Stevanne Auerbach.
This page is from ‘Art for One world’ by Della Burford