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  At the Symposium for Humanity Dale Bertrand had an unexpected vision when he was waiting to see Dr. David Davies- a healer, who he was seeing because he had lost his hearing in his left ear. While waiting he had walked into the room of Rose Gladden , another healer, who went into a trance and in her time and space Dale saw “An Ancient Being”. He told Dale he came to people who would be on a path of healing. This led Dale to say to himself ” I want to study the Druids”. With synchronicity in play in visiting his mother soon after he was gifted 90 Druid manuscripts from an inheritance his mother had received from Charles Steele who was the Grandson of John Hugh Roberts who wrote them.

Later Dale and I did a Dodoland project at PS. 63 in New York. Dale and I went Norman McKenzie Art Gallery in Regina and led a Dodoland workshop. We went to a Fair in Regina and Dale met a indigenous medicine person who gave him the name “White Eagle”. I started to do paintings of myself in my Bird Helmet riding a White Eagle. The Theatre Production of Dodoland by Tedrian- Imaginations Unlimited started in New York at the Museo del Barrio.
People:     Tedrian
Jerry Shrair
Diane Godynick
Brenda Parres
Stephen Back


Dr. David Davies Everild
Mary Bertrand
Pretty Song Hawk Boy

Dream Wheel
Dream:   “If you keep looking you will find the fruit”   “I had a dream that the Druids were coming”
“I was told to tell the story of Dodoland with slides”    “The birds whistle is the sound of God”    
    Tedrian Chizik ( our Producer in N.Y.C.) went to Peru and prayed for Dodoland’s success at Macchu Picchu at the Altar to the Sun. Before he left Dale told him to be open to ancient knowledge.
He ended up meeting at the Nazca lines
Maria Reiche who was a German Peruvian woman who became famous for protecting the Nazca lines. He also met the man who had the Inca Stones. Dale travelled to Peru later to in the 1980s. Dale travelled to Wales many times.

  Wrote a Teachers Guide for Dodoland. Presently Dale has a blog called
Milestone Grid for 1979 done by Della Burford – Dale Bertrand = Druid stories of John Hugh Roberts are now part of the blog called Druidical Quest
The drawing Dale did after seeing the “Ancient One” when Rose Gladden went into trance. After he felt strongly he wanted to study the Druids and a week later his mother gave him 90 Druid manuscripts she had inherited. Five Dale had illuminated and the one shown here is called ‘Nennius’. This amazing story is now becoming part of the blog ‘Druidical Quest’