1980 “New Sight” Went to Color and Healing workshop and met a Shaman – Star Bear, who said I should tell “Magical Earth Secrets” at the workshop. I hesitated as didn’t have my Bird Helmet.. he took me in a room with many sacred feathers used in the ceremony… he said, “will these do” – Dale did bring my Bird Helmet and I did tell the story of “Magical Earth Secrets” – for the first time. ( See photo below) When he saw the painting of the Sun Ray ( which was my interpretation of the Ancient Dale saw) – he told Dale after he wanted to mentor him and I also apprenticed with him. He helped us with a Vision Quest later.  I was draping the headdresses for Elemental Dodo and Rainbow Dolphin.
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  “ I am the Tibetan horn”  

“Told must go on Vision Quest.. stay overnight on  the Kootenay Plains”  

  “ If  empty will remain happy”

  “Golden light pouring from head, my Bird Helmet, like a funnel”  

“encouragement  from dream guides to change colors at will in my  dreams”- felt later this was Star Bear helping me.  

Dream Wheel
  Performance at Sloan Kettering Hospital. N.Y.C.   Dodoland performed at Museum of Natural History N.Y.C. Workshop and Storytelling by Della at Gosford school and many schools thru the Inner City Angels. Set up Dodoland Activity Centres   Storytellings of Magical Earth Secrets. Knew it was for planetary growth.
Tedrian was starting to do performances in New york. .. Cuban Refugees, Handicapped Festival Museum of Natural History, Amerindian Centre, Columbia University, Dale and I storytold at the Nelson Fair.
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Milestone Grid by Della Burford
Della Burford first storytelling of ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ in 1980 in Sooke, British Columbia Photo by Dale Bertrand