Dream Retreat session … April 6th 2020

At the Dream Retreat the theme was transformation and how it relates to what we are all going thru now with the virus. All people participating journeyed with the drum into a forest. For me it was a tropical forest with large butterflies and exotic birds. There was also a deer by a Healing Lake. I met the Transformation Storyteller which is a character in a “Star Galaxy for the World” which I have just finished. She is the Transformation Storyteller. She helps people go thru transformation. She has a African grandmother energy and a Butterfly headdress. I then saw a group of Shamans, and people of many ethnic groups in a circle. In the center was a ring of white light. Many people took turns to sit in the center to share healing energy and ideas. I heard the words “ What is freedom? and then a Buddhist monk who sat in the center of the circle said, “freedom is freedom from suffering. Much suffering and many healing are possible transforming when we dance in the face of fear“.

I then saw a Goddess who looked like the Green Tara. This is a Goddess who represents enlightened activities and abundance for the Tibetan Buddhists. The Dalai Lama has suggested her mantra may help some people during this time. This is a reality check and probably why I saw her. She said her Mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” .. which is supposed to bring awareness from negativity and helps transform ourselves and others. It rang and echoed thru the circle. This was one of many healings offered. I was told green was the color of regeneration and was a good color to wear as we are in a time when we have to relearn how to with nature. This theme was echoed in the group many times. Other healings were offered by other people who were part of the circle and each was important in its own unique way. We have the capacity to heal.

Last year when having the first storytelling of ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ for Dale’s Big Birthday and had many relatives and friends come to join and become the characters in the story. My cousin Lucy became the Transformation storyteller and as we chanted the secret. “I and Transformation are one, I love Transformation, I give thanks for Transformation, I will take Action for Transformation”. She mentioned she had been in the walk to protest Global Warming. Friends cheered her for taking action. Take Transformation Action to help yourself and all living things to be healthy and our Planet Earth to be healthy too! Della Burford

Dale’s Big Birthday- Star Galaxy Storytelling and friend and family dressed up as characters:

Jenn and Jacquie Howardson, behind Jennifer, myself, Dale in front, Lucy and Sharon at back, Jorge, Aldo , Nathan crouching to the right side of Dale, on the right – Dan, Kelsey and Kris.

Thanks to all the dreamers at the Dream Retreat!

My cousin Lucy Mattice as the Transformation Storyteller