*Photo of Sand mandala done at the Birmingham Art Centre by Lama Tenzin Deshak by Alys Stephan.

You can map out your life showing its ups and downs. We did this a couple of times in our workshops in Bali. At the time I was developing the “Inner Dream Mandala” for the book ‘Dream Wheels‘.

You will ask: what are the problems I have had in my life and what are the solutions that came about? An important part of this is to acknowledge but not to dwell but move on to solutions and positive changes.

Thru this you can find Peace and Harmony and how you have had positive changes in your life like gaining compassion and inner strength. We can feel uplifted and more of a sense of well being and harmony.

You can divide into five year segments or decades. When did you have transformational challenges? Think about times you may have been physically challenged or had a mental crisis of consciousness. Often a door opens– what door opened for you? This can be from your time born and you can also look into the future. When you write out the problems/solutions you can move in a linear line or put it on a mandala. It can be an Inner Journey Mandala . I have also had people draw it on a map (Story Map) with images including characters and settings (sometimes imaginary).

Ask yourself- Have you during this time had a dream(s) of transformation?

Have you had in reality during this time a pet as this is often support or a special friend(s) that helped. Have you had someone or many who offered healing?

Have you had dreams of power animals or allies that have helped you?What healing medicine did they bring you?

Has someone in reality mentored you to help you in your inner growth? Do you feel you have mentors in your dreams?

Have you had a experience in meeting a very spiritual person or had someone like this visit you in a dream?

Did you have someone help you with ‘something creative’ in reality or a dream?

Did you feel “something divine“in reality or in a dream?

The answers to these questions can be written, drawn or collages from photos or art done.

I have helped thousands of children create their own stories and books over many years in projects with the Inner City Angels and Ontario Arts Council. I also did this in our adult workshops that we gave for many years in Bali. We often would start in making a Story Wheel that included conflicts ( personal or those around us) and then Resolution shown and the steps taken to a positive solution becomes part of their unique story. They developed characters and settings to and sometimes these has been drawn on a Story Map. All methods were used in developing ones creative expression of their life, being uplifted and an increased sense of peace, well being and harmony.

I felt this sand mandala done at the Birmingham Arts Center Alys Stephan was appropriate to put here done by Lama Tenzin Deshak as it shows Peace, Harmony and Positive change that can come about with Compassion, Emptiness and Meditation which are sometimes part of the Solutions that we discover are there when we do Transformational Mapping.

Thanks Della Burford

In this photo is Grace Po, Irene Vincent, Dale Bertrand, Charlyne, Sue and Francis Seaton. Do you have an animal ally that became a power animal for you? This is Dale Bertrand leading a Medicine Wheel workshop at Spirit of Writing and Art in Bali. The painting in behind is Karja’s from Bali. Della and Karja have collaborated on many art shows together.