Things happened with synchronicity. I was doing a Peruvian ceremony last week for a connections to the cosmos. After I often after get strong messages from my dreams. After I had a dream of dozens of white butterflies flying around my mesa ( meditation altar). I thought this dream was right on as I am presently working in my blog on the theme of transformation in my blog and a major symbol for me is the butterfly. Then the next day Sorin Cretu- SORiaN, who is from Montreal and I showed with him in an art show in New York, shared with me a copy of his painting ‘Llim’s Metamorphoses of Light’. I asks his permission and now I will share with you, please share with others and let me know if you have also done some butterfly art. Painting ‘Lilim’s Metamorphoses of Light’ by SORianN at SORiaN ART

Della Burford