I was in a dream group today and the Theme was to journey and understand what the COVID 19 virus meant individually and for others on the earth. It is a frightening and fearful time so moving beyond to something positive this is the focus I have been trying to make in my life. In going to the Retreat I felt Nature all around and thought of the bird’s songs which for me, fortunately, at my house is all around me. In creating a fantasy land many years ago the birds were so important to me I had “listening to the birds” as the secret to being able to travel to the land. I also thought of Kindness Storyteller from ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ and her message to say and be: ” I and kindness are one, I love kindness, I give thanks for kindness.

When seeing animals I saw various ones in journeying both in the hypnogogic state and in night dreams. I saw the black panther and one other dreamer mentioned this comes from fear of the unknown and the panther is more powerful than fear. Felt protected. Learned from a Peruvian Shaman recently that the Puma in Guatemala medicine traditions represents the element of fire, the mental realm, and is a protector in the Dream Realm.

When journeying and seeing the Kindness Storyteller from ‘Star Galaxy World‘ I also saw many other people in a dome. I heard the last important part of the Kindness Storyteller message to say and be: “I will take Kindness Action”.

In the first part of the dream there were people taking kindness action. It was a dome that was full of people who were kind in various ways.. they were called Care Mongers – some were helping support people who had the virus and helping people who had low immune systems do everyday things like buying groceries and medicines needed. This was probably influenced by this initiative in our own community to help those in need. Their symbol was the heart.

The second dome as for Healing and included various people doing various modalities to be kind to themselves such as energy work like Yoga and Qui Gong. There were two dances being done .. one the Transformation dance of the Phoenix Bird who seemed to fly like a butterfly. Another was a jingle dance by a young native American girl who wanted to share her dance of healing. There was healing music. Their symbol was the butterfly. Then there was the Dance of Kindness . They changed in the dance from People to Flowers and back from Flowers to People.

The third dome was for Meditation and had many meditators and people praying. Buddhist monks were there to remind us to be kind to ourselves and to realize that self-isolation is something they would call a retreat. And I remembered that the Buddhist teacher Tenzin Rinpoche when talking online at his cyber-sangha said it is time to take a break.. and realize there is something greater than the ego and to find the source. Their Spirit Bird and symbol was the Owl.

I found it fascinating to see the synchronicities in the group.. the very photo I found as inspiration when painting “Star Bird” in my Magical Earth story who comes like a star out of the dark was shown by one person and the Star Bird in my Magical Earth Secrets story says: “If there was no darkness we would not see the light”.

Galactic Spiral dance shown by one of the dreamers reminded me of my Storytellers Dancing in their Spiral of the Sun and the Moon which is the home of the storytellers in the Star Galaxy for the World. Often we feel in the Dream Retreat group “We are all one“. Thanks to so many for sharing everyone.

Thanks to those who are part of the Dream group: Thanks to many friends in Robert Moss’s “Dream Growing‘ group Luc, Toni, James, Carol Anne, Bentley, Lisa, Yesca, Bob, Anna, Nele, Liz, Go, Lot, Denise, Betty, Cindy, Victoria, Sarah, Virginia, Luc, Carol Ann, Jen, Toni, Jim, Richelle, Colleen, Lalenya, Dawn, Nanette, Cassandra, Sara, Dona, Monica, Dawnita, Durelle, Patty and Karen. Robert Moss encourages us to be Dream Ambassadors and meeting these dreamers and seeing what they are doing to share their dreams is encouraging.

Also my thanks to David Walsh and Thomas Walsh who supported my idea and helped me to have the time to work on the ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ story. Thank you David and all dreamers and other friends. Encouragement always helps!

David Walsh– who has been a major supporter of my work on “Star Galaxy for the World‘. He is holding “ Angel Gabriel” by Della Burford painted for the “Spirit Stories” book written by Aaron Zerah.