Thrilled to be preforming Journey to Dodoland at Esalen at Big Sur. One of the teachers Elisa Lodge had been one of my best friends in Los Angles when Dodoland was being produced as a book. At Esalen when we did the Production of Dodoland she played the part of the Dancing Flamingo.

We have kept in touch over the years and thrilled to see her still performing at 80 years old. I have included a recent photo of her as a Butterfly. She is an inspiration to many today as Tedrian Chizik who produced the shows at Easalen and also in New York City .

Milestones for Della Burford


  1981 – This was the beginning of a cycle of seven years I called “Medicine Ways”.  The beginning I think of as being “Kindness”  Went to California. Saw the birth of Norah and Greg’s child Christopher.

Painted large canvases for the Dodoland show of Elemental Dodo & Dancing Flamingo, Banana, and the Giant Flower Island
Bertrand    Merian Soto
Mirabai  Tedrian Chizik
Larry Karush   Banana      Norah
Chris Martin   Rolland Proulx
Elisa Lodge
Rolland Proulx
Virgil Scott

   “You will find all the pools of water in the desert.”

“Jump into the lotus ….the greatest paintings are to  come”   .

“Saw Elisa circling the Medicine Wheel” in a dream before she performed in the show in California


    Diary Photograph Paintings- including large canvases
Dreams      Dream Wheels    
Results: Della’s projects at New Rochelle, Gosford, Ogden, St. Blaise through Inner City Angels.

Dodoland Theatre Production at the Children Festival in Remini, Italy.

Harlem Project, Storytelling Festival in Central Park P.S.9 Project Opportunidad
Big Sur, California.
Della went to the Space Beyond the System – Conference in California.    Dale and Della visited Esalen in Big Sur

Dodoland show was in all schools in  East Harlem.
Milestone Grid for 1981 by Della Burford
Tedrian Chizik with small child on what I thought of as the ‘Dragon Ship’ at Esalen where we did a Dodoland storyteliing. Also performed the story for the community there. Tedrian was the Producer of the ‘Dodoland”Production in New York which was taken to various important venues in N.Y.C. and internationally.
This page is from ‘Art for One World’ by Della Burford