By Della Burford

Dreams await you at the Dream Retreat

I was at the Dream Retreat with Luc, Jim Carol Ann, Jen, Toni, Arielle, Colleen, Lalenya, Richelle, Dawn, etc. Luc is leading the session. Thanks, everyone. Since the photo was of trees and stream got a feeling of being on a map I have for a story to find our auras again with the Sacred Animal which I have written called Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth . The Dream location on my map had a Tiger who Morphed into a White Lion. .. the White Lion spoke of being brave and speaking your truth. Then I saw an Angel like Kindness Storyteller which I have in the story I am working on now “Star Galaxy for the the World“. She spoke of Kindness and how important it was.

The next day had a dream of holding many pieces of different shapes, triangle, hexagrams, squares, odd shapes .. different colors. Got a message that each shape was important and meaningful. Felt similar to a message I received many ( almost 30 years back) that each leaf, country, person was important on the Wheel of Life. In my ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ the Kindness Storyteller shares the message of this dream and also reminds us to say and be: “I and kindness are one, I love kindness, I give thanks for kindness, and take Kindness Action for all living things and the World”.

Reality Check: The first dream was related to stories working on in the past and present. When I awoke felt it included Dreams too and the Dream Centre where each person dreams are varied but are important.. there is not one way but many ways and keeping open is the best way. The first dream that each leaf, country. person was important was decades ago.

I had the dream before going to Sweden where my ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ Story was told at an environmental event in Sweden (Globetree). At this event there were many nationalities represented – a group from Africa and also a group from South America and myself and a group from Canada and people from Europe.

Action: I love that there are people from many parts of the world in our Dream Retreat Group – dreamers from Hawaii, U.S.A., Canada, Argentina and France and Switzerland. I will listen and enjoy all the diverse dreams. My Kindness Storyteller and other I have manifested in Paintings and now I have done costumes. Getting into costumes for this new story was spurred on my a find of theatre costumes at Angel Estates and seeing Ruu Ruu – Producer and Costume Designer in Japan adaptation of my ‘Miracle Galaxy’ story performed this year. I have included some photos below. ‘Miracle Galaxy‘ is the story of healing for oneself and I thought “why could this not be for the world” and started writing and drawing then painting “Star Galaxy for the World.” Tonight a handful of costumed friends and family will wear costumes and say lines in the storytelling of ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ for my husband’s Big birthday. I will also post a few photos of this as the Kindness message was part of this Storytelling too! For me it is particularly exciting as it is manifesting many dreams as there is many dreams gifted to me embodied in the Storytellers and for me this is Dream Action.

Yesterday friends & family here have now dressed in costume for my husband’s Big birthday and wore their Dream costumes for storytelling. Many of the dreamers in the School of Dream Growing by Robert Moss helped me with feedback as I was developing the story and paintings as I took the course while I painted the Storytellers. Thanks to everyone.

Miracle Galaxy by Della Burford is performed in Japan. Production and Costumes by Ruu Ruu.

The storytelling of “Star Galaxy for the World” with family and friends in Canada. I have given almost everyone a costume to wear.. a few have made their own. Left to right – Freeman, Jenn & Jacquie, Veronica, Della, Aldo and Jorge, Sitting below Nathan, behind Lucy and Jennifer.. in top photo Dale Bertrand in gold .. the same people as below but is also behind is Sharon in orange (who was the Kindness Storyteller) and with the deer antlers Dan and hidden behind Kelsey and Kris to the right. Holly and Chris, my niece and nephew, were preparing the food so didn’t get in the photos but were there getting things ready for us to have a feast and celebrate after the storytelling. Thanks everyone. Love to all!

Sharon Mattice was the Kindness Storytelling at the Storytelling .. Eve came from Victoria with Evan to join us at the celebration of Dale’s Big Birthday!