I would like to share a beautiful event that happened in 1983 when the story of Dodoland (Journey to Dodoland) was taken to the Organization of American States Conference in Guatemala for Teachers who taught challenged children from South and Central America.

I designed some costumes specially for this show – one being the Singing Tree who is represented in Dodoland from a dream I had of a Tree of Life and people young and old climbing it and singing angelically. Paula from New York became the Singing Tree in Guatemala. Without my dream and honoring it this would not of happened.

With synchronicity today in 2020 I was in the Dream Retreat group and the topic was the visit to the Tree of Life. Many dreamers shared their visions they had in journeying. It made me realize – “yes the trees were there 40 years ago when I dreamt of the Singing Tree and still here today and we must love and take care and sing to them too! Love and protect the trees! They like us and as I was told in a dream like Dodoland have the depth of the Earth and also Light and Freedom. We are all one!”

Della Burford

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 1983 Della Burford took Dodoland to Guatemala. Made new costumes and large canvases. Also made a silk Bird Helmet that became wondrous cape to do the secret to go home “ caterpillar to butterfly” I performed the part of the Lotus One. Representing spiritual growth ..transformation.
The Dodoland Cooey who represents love and kindness is present ( part nauticulus, part unicorn) Julie Lieberman is the Cooey in Gautamala.
The Singing Tree which I saw in a dream as people climbing young and old and singing an angelic song became part of Dodoland. Paula from N.Y.C. ,an opera singer, wore a Singing Tree costume and sang the Singing Tree song in Guatemala.
 Dale Bertrand
Tedrian Chizik
Vern Harper
Pauline Shirt
Luana Harper
Les Harper
Deanna Harper     Julie Lieberman (Smithsonian)
Mirabai  Merian Soto
Rafuel Fuentes
Virgil Scott
Howard Jerome
Alice Brownlee
(Ananda) Summer Festival at Inner City Angels. – St. Gaspar, St. Anne
Elisa Lodge
Ray Harrell –
(Tedrian’s Wise council)
Dreams:       “Sitting in a Medicine Wheel”  

  “Unicorns jumping out of the sea”   “Elisa moving around the Medicine Wheel”  

“Told the Bird Helmet is the symbol of peace”   “book .. girl who opened the door”

  “Flowers had enchantment, beauty and life”

“Was old in Dodoland in the depth of the earth and the light and freedom”

When in Guatemala we went on a pilgrimage to Tikal.
 Dodoland is performed at Smithsonian Institute  Dodoland at Ananda Ashram.   Performed Dodoland in Guatemala at the ‘Magic in Me” Conference for teachers who taught handicapped children organized by the Organization of American States. Also went into a hospital and local communities in Guatemala.
Also did a project at Wandering Spirit School in Toronto
Inner City Angel project Open City  District 6 N.Y.C. saw performances of Dodoland and created an Activity Guide.  
Milestone Grid for 1982-83
‘Journey to Dodoland’ cast from New York that went to Guatemala City for the show at the Organization of American States ” Magic in Me” – This photo is with Burl Ives who was also a Feature Event .. in photo from left to right is Banana Man, Rafuel Fuentes, Tedrian Chizik, Miss Guatemala, Julie Lieberman, Paula- opera singer (Singing Tree) , Freddy on drums, Below Merian Soto and Della Burford. In front was a child who was part of a hearing impaired performing group. Dale Bertrand took the photo and was Stage Managing.
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