In our last class on ‘Shamanic Dreaming of Rebirth’ were to look at a dream and work with the group on the Robert Moss’s Lightning Dream method of analyzing dreams. So the dream I wanted to re-enter is a Prophetic dream that I had in 1988 that the world was really going to be in trouble in 2020 and would end. (end as it is anyway). I wrote a story ‘Live Long Land’ but have not taken it further. But did write another environmental story Magical Earth Secrets and it has been shared in many venues internationally.

Then in doing a class with Robert in 2014 had another dream .. it started like this . I asked to re-enter my Celtic Magical Forest dream. ..again fingered an invisible labyrinth in bed before sleeping .. Saw a Bear Lion. told to have the courage and be brave.

In the center of a circle. There were many animals from the forest all around. Little animals like the turtle, rabbit, squirrel and skunk, and large animals like the elephant, tiger horse, zebra, wolf, deer and ram, and many more. It seemed like everyone was there and they were in a big circle. They were speaking of how the earth must be protected. I felt they were in a Conference with each other.

When I woke up again reminded me again of the story I wrote 30 years ago called “Live Long Land “ (in 1988) and at the time I was told in a dream how urgent it was to protect the earth and created this story about it. In 2020 before the terrible fires in Australia saw many animals running and fleeing. At the time I felt that this must have been why I must of had the dream .. but did not realize at the time it was also because of the Pandemic.

Feeling: At the time the (1988) dream really scared me . I am disappointed that I have not taken even more action with this story but glad I have written a story that came earlier ‘Magical Earth Secrets‘ that also is about protecting the environment and it has been shared worldwide. Dale Bertrand has done some of the washes and helped with an Activity Guide. But sometimes still feel discouraged. I am sad that the Earth is still being abused and know we have the power to help and change and make ourselves and the Earth healthy .

Reality : I have always been very environmentally conscious and had a vision and healing energy of the story “Magical Earth Secrets” that has been shared by book, play and dance. The story of “Live Long Land” came also in a vision and I did do one painting of a map for the land and shared the story at a few schools. It was performed as a play by Indian Rd Crescent school in Toronto and a major theme at Brown St. School. I have not made it into a book but may still do this.

Dr. David Suzuki wrote the foreword for my Magical Earth Secrets (published in1990). His foreword said. “It is easy to want, but harder to get a pollution-free, ecologically sustainable society. As you soar along with Rainbow Wings, you and your child will learn that it takes each and everyone’s small efforts to get us here. Children of the world need hope not despair. This book and your actions provide it!

Paul George, an amazing man, who just last week received the Order of British Columbia, which is given to people who “have helped us to grow as a province, taught us to care for our environment, enriched our lives with literature and art, helped us to address past injustices and inspired us to become a more caring and inclusive society” He .was the main force behind my book ‘Magical Earth Secrets‘ being published in 1990. He did and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee still does a huge amount to protect nature. This included Adrian Carr and Sue Fox, and all the many volunteers. I have the utmost respect. Amazing after 30 years Sue Fox works still today from the office and uses her creative genius to design emphasizing protection for the environment.

I heard the message of the Kogi people in 1990 an isolated tribe in Columbia who connects with dreams and their urgent message for the world – Heart of the World – the Elder Brother speaking. They emphasize the interconnectedness of all things. I felt what they were saying was like my dream in 1988 of the animals at the conference. Coincidentally in picking up Robert Moss’s book “Dreamway of the Iroquois” I discovered he had written at the end of the book about traveling to meet the Kogi people.

Actions: Felt I must work on “Live Long Land” and complete it for a book. It is a small part of the great scheme of things but I know each person can make a difference. Must try to arrange distribution which seems to be the harder part for me …which usually equates to getting it out to larger numbers of people. I find I cannot think about the latter part or will interrupt the creative process of creating the work and all the different facets.

I had honored the dream before but felt it needed to be taken further in a bigger way. When I told this dream to my husband and the connection to visiting the Kogi people he asked since 30 dreamers went with him to visit the Kogi.. what were the results from this Robert’s visit by everyone? .. What things manifested? .. this I am very curious to know also? I was reading in Robert Moss’s book “Dreamway of the Iroquois” that we learn from the Kogi that dark times will come when human cease to hold onto the sky‘ and as Robert Moss says “To remember to the origin and purpose of our lives we must rebirth a dreaming society .. a society where dreams are shared everywherewe must do this NOW. I was communicating with him online and he said, ‘Our group journeyed to the Kogi, at the invitation of the shaman-priest who was at that time their guardian of the Aluna, deepened the commitment we shared to helping to rebirth a dreaming society in our time. In the nearly 20 years since our group has not wavered in that commitment although the pandemic prevented us from holding our spring gathering on the mountain from which we flew to the Kogi. We must heal the web of dreaming, and heal the world between earth and sky.” After reading this I thought “ yes our Dream Retreat group (that developed out of Robert’s Growing a Dream class) and his Active Dreaming programs, and his encouragement for all to be Dream Ambassadors is all part of healing the web of dreaming. In fact, we are all part of this and each person has a role to play. Let’s keep it up!

Perfect to work on this story during this lockdown time. I had the prophetic dream in 1988 – I wrote this in 2014 that this story should be told .. have to take this further in 2020 as well as getting Magical Earth Secrets out their to more people. .. now that the world is experiencing a traumatic experience and many are in isolation may the people feel nature and have more inner journey more – including a connection to dreams and the beauty and wisdom in our world and there will be a new beginning and we relearn our relationship to nature and to dreaming. Let this indeed be the one of the positive results. Appreciate hearing of any encouragement and ideas for action.