Well yesterday was a special day as it was Dale Bertrand and myself (Della Burford’s ) thirty fifth Wedding Anniversary. We have lived together almost 20 years extra. We were lucky to meet when very young teens. We still work at our major goal of ‘making each other happy’ .. it has worked. That usually means supporting each other on creative projects like the incredible support Dale has given me on the latest which is this blog and myself supporting him on getting the Celtic blog out there for the world.. druidicalquest.ca..

We had a wedding with the special energy of the Kootenay where now my sister and her boyfriend live. I will show you the incredible view. We built a two story house there in the mid 90’s and I loved painting there.

Yesterday we celebrated in Victoria with my brother and wife, and some wonderful friends Mary Lynne, Tom and Sal and Evan and Eve. Felt so lucky to have such heartfelt connections and the blue blue blue of the ocean around us.

At our wedding ceremony we had a Medicine Wheel Circle and the song was sung:

“With our long white feathers we will fly

With our long white feather we will fly

I Circle the Earth

I Circle the Earth

on Wings of Pure Light”

That we have done and will continue to do!

Dale Bertrand and Della Burford celebrating 35th Wedding Anniversary – Victoria 2020
Celebrating our 30th Anniversary at Parkville in 2015
I had a bouquet of paint brushes – Wedding in the Kootenay 1985
Wedding Kootenays 1985 in the woods with the elves and fairies.

The beauty of the Kootenay. I had the inspirational dream here that started the Magical Earth Secret story which I will be sharing next on the Blog.
Honeymoon Nelson 1985