I often wake up early morning and do a meditation for balance and peace. Yesterday I did this but when I looked out the window I did not see my forest looking happy. There was smoke all around from the fires in California, Oregon and Washington state. I felt for the animals, birds and one thing I remembered from terrible fires we had in the Okanogan a few years ago is that the birds will not sing to greet the morning.

I know this will pass to as it did last time it happened but I wonder what is the lesson in this for me and us. There is something to be learned.

I had many dreams for years that we are “love and protect the koala bears“. My story of ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ is about loving and protecting all of nature. But last night when I went to sleep I had a dream of smoke and lightning and there was a message in the ashes. I saw the Goddess Pele dancing. This surprised me. When I woke up and turned on my computer I saw a painting by a young artist Krisztina Lazar and felt she has painted my dream. Sometimes this happens and I am always grateful that someone else is feeling the same way. I felt the dream has been honored and I am gratefuL

I asked her permission to share her painting and some of her powerful words she wrote with it.

“I painted this in response to my grief over the Australia fires earlier this year – which seem almost a lifetime ago. now the entire West Coast is burning and we haven’t seen the sun in Oakland in 7 days. The ash falling from the sky are the remains of countless plants, trees, animals and the ruin of people’s lives. All of this because of generations of greed and arrogance and a fundamental misunderstanding of nature. 
The pandemic was difficult, life changing abruptly was difficult, there was a lot of ways through though and it felt hard but manageable. Many other things have happened. I have lost a dear friend and I know there are many people right now who are grieving for dead loved ones too. Then the sky turned orange. Every fiber in our animal bodies is screaming in panic that an orange sky is dangerous. But what can we do? We can’t listen to our inborn fight or flight response but our adrenaline is elevated none the less. We have to go to work, smile and pretend like everything is ok. Things are not ok. Fire in this scale is not ok. Ash falling from the sky for days on end is not ok. And you know what? IT IS OK TO BE NOT OK. If you need permission I am giving it to you. We are living through extraordinary times and we all have each other, we all suffer alone and maybe we can be alone together the best we can. And it is ok to sit with the fact that this is terrible. I see you, I love you.” Krisztina Lara

Krisztina Lara painting she painted after the fires in Australia.

I also wanted to study Pele further and find balance and found a parable on Tsunrinpoche’s page on the internet. He says:

Pele Parables

Pele is often portrayed as a wanderer and sightings of the familiar and popular goddess have been reported throughout the island chain for hundreds of years, but especially near volcanic craters and near her home of Kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

In these sightings or visions she appears as either a very tall, beautiful young woman or an unattractive and frail elderly woman usually accompanies by a white dog. Those well-versed in the legend, say that Pele takes this form of an elderly beggar woman to test people – asking them if they have food or drink to share. Those who are generous and share with her are rewarded while anyone who is greedy or unkind are punished with their homes or other valuables destroyed.”

The artists was not named .. painting from Tsunrinpoche’s site

And with yoga this morning with Padma her words rang so true – “We all have Shakti. …the infinite dynamic energy and creative power. Let’s use the Mother nature to give birth to what we want with intention. Connect to this female energy”

So I felt and said some intentions:

I see balance in the world

“I see love and protection for the children, animals and all living creatures”

“May all beings be happy

“May we have kindness in the world”

“I am grateful

“Let’s keep the WONDER of nature alive”

Find your strength and inner power.

Do you have intentions to fulfill?

Thanks Della Burford