Alecia Sacred Coeur gave a workshop that was a Fundraiser for the Vienna Academy of Art. The topic was Magic in Art which she beautifully described. At the heart of all human creativity lies Magic .
She says, “Don’t you believe in Magic? Look around and I bet you find proof, and if you don’t… MAKE IT YOURSELF!” She spoke of Initiation, Exploration, Inner Work, Person Alchemy and Divination. As she mentioned these things I am sure people were thinking of how these are or have been part of their life and art. I was.

Alecia’s Self Portrait – she explained how she ‘stepped into the name’ Sacred Coeur- heartfelt connections are important to her.
This painting shows the Magical way of travelling on a Magic Carpet. She has many Heroes riding with her to help in times of darkness. Her paint brush is guiding her.

She also explained different types of “magical things‘ that can be done to help as inspiration for painting like aromatherapy, Herbs, Crystals, Studying the Stars, Plant Magic, Deities, Angels and Fantastic Creatures.

People were to go inside themselves and think of something that was meaningful and important for them to manifest. I ,of course, thought of honoring and being grateful for my dreams and vision. Everyone thought of something different – no two people were the same.

‘Wonder’ has Pegasus which is important to me and with synchronicity also the Magic Carpet which was in Alecia’s painting. It is also important to me as I had a powerful dream of a Magic Carpet so put it in this “Wonder’ painting.

People were shown how to make them. I felt a little different approach as thought of a symbol that meant so much to me which has mostly vowels in it. Vowels open the throat and to me are sacred and magical. I thought of the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hung” .. which as the Dalai Lama has said shows both altruism and wisdom and the combination of the two. “Hung” is particularly powerful to me as it is used in Dream Yoga to open the heart chakra.

I also thought of grateful as being an important part of my life and the shortened version with gr and the number 8 and fl – so put this on a magic carpet with the tassels the consenants. Everybody came up with their own ideas and that was part of it.. being one’s unique self.

First drawing of Hung in Magic Carpet with grateful on the tassels.

Alecia was so patient and understanding in going thru each person’s person expression about themselves. I can see from my many years of teaching college she has the makings of a very good teacher. Thank you Alecia.

Alecia is now part of the second coheart of the Design Science Studio of the Buckminster Fuller Foundation. An artist to watch.

Much love

Della Burford