“It brings to mind a trip, [journey].
all living things speak”

I ( Della Burford) worked off and on day and in the early morning last week after doing a Flow Workshop with Amanda Sage which was a Fundraiser for the Vienna Academy of Art. What came out was the “Hummingbird Tara“.

Been studying with a Peruvian Shaman for the last few months and had dreams of tigers, hummingbirds and my Bird Helmet (which is my Storytelling Hat) being a DNA hat and they came through in the painting. Had it Posted on the Non-stop Vision Train (Amanda’s inspiration) and had 18 people responded including Arts of the Golden Flower who said :

“Love this.

It bring to mind a trip (journey)

All living things speak”

Yes, we can speak with flowers and remembered my dream when working on the ‘Star Galaxy for the World” of the Kindness people in who can change from people to flowers at will.

Hummingbird Tara by Della Burford

As I worked felt the energy of the Peruvian Shamanic Medicine teachings I recently learned and put the Tiger Bird Helmet beside me for inspiration. The Tiger (Puma) in the Peruvian tradition is an ally for flying when dreaming and this I was doing as I dreamt when doing this painting.

Just staring figure in”Hummingbird Tara” and chanted Green Tara chant.

Just staring figure in the “Hummingbird Tara” and put Tiger Bird Helmet as inspiration and also ‘Peace Storyteller’ which is the painting from ‘Star Galaxy for the World’ where I felt the Green Tara who the Dalai Lama says her chant will help in time of crisis.

I reflected on the Giant Flower Islands by Dale Bertrand.

Thank you Dale Bertrand for the macro-photographs of the Flowers for the Giant Flower Island in Journey to Dodoland. Always as inspiration.

To Flowers and Kindness,

Della Burford