Fascinating I noticed a note from Don Oscar Miro Quesada, who I studied Peruvian medicine with, that there was a 4 day event on ‘Create a New Dream’. Why this was most fascinating was that I have a three months ago during the pandemic a vision to share the wisdom of my ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ story and make a Blog called ‘Create a Dream.’ There was too much synchronicity and knew I should join the group.

Well, day one we all met ( about 50 people) and began the process of co- creating a NEW DREAM. Small break-out groups got together and after journeying shared their insights on what they personally want to release. When you get a group of people together to brainstorm ..journey.. dream storm.. in this way the results are fascinating. Been doing a lot of this with since 2012 with various dream groups led by Robert Moss so felt very comfortable journeying.

During the break-out session on the first day and journeying it was very much about one’s personal dreams. So in the I DREAM I mentioned a connection to five magical animal allies- two which came to me in a dream that afternoon and three more that came that evening. They were Tiger who to me represented COURAGE THRU FEAR. This seemed to be a reoccurring theme with various groups. I thought of how important the Jaguar is in Peruvian medicine and how for me it is an ally when flying in dreams. I put my bird helmet out to look at on the table which combines both the eagle and tiger . I also put out my painting of “Shaman’s Eye” which has a shaman drumming. Someone mentioned “Trust” and this was a word that stuck with me as we shared our journeys. Having faith that everything will be okay. During the journeying thought of my beautiful session with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche early in the Pandemic and the sessions he did on ‘Dancing with Fear’.

The second Magical Animal that came to me a dream before the event was the Spirit Horse – that part of ourselves that is unique. This creative, unique part of oneself to me especially resonated when hearing from one group the importance of still singing and STILL PLAYING. Wonder was given a place in the discussion.

The person who facilitated our break out group particularly shared her connection to the elements in Nature. So it was not a surprise that the third magical animals in the journeying had a connection to the water and this was the Dolphin. Another group mentioned the turtle who is very dear to me. I have these two encouraging ‘love for the water and ocean’ in my story “Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth. They represent the flow and being connected to be willing to CHANGE and Transform . A reoccurring theme seemed to be water and ‘LETTING THINGS GO‘. One person even experienced turning into water and dissolving. I thought of my recent art class with Amanda Sage on “The Flow”. Posting a picture of the painting below as I was working on it in the “Flow” class.

The fourth was an ally connected to the air – a sacred winged one. The Eagle came to me and I felt it was connected to intuition. Prayer and the powerful CONNECTION TO SOURCE were mentioned by various groups. Someone also spoke of the importance of the stars and our connection to the cosmos. Some people in the journeying traveled into a star portal.

The fifth animal that came up is the Deer and represented our connection to the HEART. The opening of the heart chakras came in a dream recently in showing me that the heart area of the ‘Hummingbird Tara” I was painting as being a rainbow and shining. Various people mentioned the deer and I could relate to this as I have in the ‘Miracle Galaxy‘ story the Love Wind expanding her heart with her connection to feeding the deers.

Working on the “Hummingbird Tara” painting. Have the Tiger Bird Helmet out.

I felt gratitude with the connection to such thoughtful and sensitive people. I look forward to the step up into areas that need tending and the creation and the calling in of NEW DREAMS and the opportunity to vision WE DREAMS that can be offered to the entire community.

THANKS everyone who is helping to organize and speak at this Event,

Della Burford