When I saw from the Peruvian Shaman I studied with that there was a group “Creating a New Dream” was surprised that it was so close to the name of my Blog ‘CREATE A DREAM‘ so decided to attend. I will share a little of the journey.

This was written on their the Society of Shamanic Practice‘s Website: Group Journey Circles. Day 1, we will journey on what we are ready to release at this time in order to co-create new dreams. Day 3, we will step into a Shamanism Without Borders process for an area or event that needs tending. Day 4, we will wrap up the event with a journey to call in new dreams, I DREAM…,  then offer these new dreams to the entire community, WE DREAM…  Don’t miss this opportunity to come together as community and help to co-create our future!

Amanda Hovey was hosting the Virtual Event and did a superb job.  

Earth Prayer Qi Gong Mark Jenson 

On Friday:

Earth Prayer Qi – Gong – Mark Jenson It was hard to be alert at 7 in the morning but really enjoyed Mark Jenson’s Qi Gong session. This is one of the things I have been doing to keep my energy going in this difficult Pandemic time. Mark explains the process “As a contemporary Qi Gong practice, these forms explore and build in the body a sense of reciprocating connection to the world around us and under our feet.  In so doing, it becomes an embodied mythopoetic prayer on behalf of our world, ourselves, and all Life. It is influenced cross-culturally by indigenous teachings, Daoism, and the western alchemical tradition.” He particularly worked with “how to bring in the allies to work with the spirit world to dream and move into the future”. This was offered each day.

Healing and Help from the Spirit World – Lena Stevens & Anna Stevens Harrington, mother and daughter shamanic practitioner team from the Power Path School of Shamanism, lead us through a deep experiential process of connecting, communicating and getting help from an ally or spirit guide. This included as they described” drumming, the use of shamanic tools and the singing of icaros to set the container for this experience of guidance, and healing and help. I enjoyed that Anna mentioned she had learned from the Huichole as we felt connected, though not working with them directly, when living in Mexico which we did for one year.

Messages from the Spirit World – Dr. Stephen Farmer 

Dr. Stephen Farmer explained ” A shamanic divination journey is one way to receive guidance, yet it is always available from different sources—one of the most prevalent being right outside your front door—the natural world. He showed us how “to perceive and receive messages from plants, trees, animals, minerals, and the landscape itself. I appreciated his session as I have two environmental stories and an Environmental Teachers Guide.

A Shamanic New Earth: Fantasy or Reality.. It’s Your Choice with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada ” This was “A wisdom exploration of the power within our human free will to manifest the prophesied emergence of a planetary shamanic culture” Since I had studied with Don Oscar this session meant a lot to me and that night had an “inspired dream” where I saw one of my paintings “The Dance of Life” with a two figure eights in gold across it. Interestingly for me this painting was shown in a show of Visionary Art in Peru.

“Dance of Life” by Della Burford painted previously and came in a dream after session with Don Oscar at ‘Create a New Dream’ with a Golden Spiral Butterfly shape added on top.

The Ancestral Continuum – Jade Grigori is a “Curator of the Sacred on behalf of his community, the community of All Peoples. He underwent his first Shamanic Initiation, that of Death-by-Intent, in 1956 at 5 years of age. Rigorous apprenticeship and oversight by his Elders prepared him for the eventual responsibilities of being a Curator of the Sacred.” He was a wonderful storytelling and a wove the story of his life.

On Saturday:

Crafting Ethical Shamanic Practices This workshop will focused on “the complexities of ethical practice as a contemporary shamanic practitioner. A framework for crafting ethical shamanic intention will be discussed and explored using case presentations.”

Shamanism without Borders.This session worked with developing the New Dream by tending those things that were needing attention. It was led by Megan Theoret. Various leaders led groups in break out sessions which included a visualization and also a chance to share one’s ideas – I DREAM.

Future Self Quantum Dreaming – Marie Mbouni Marie taught us breathing techniques which she explains give ” access states of heightened consciousness to open up your intuition and shift your state in minutes to break out of negative thoughts and into deep flow, creativity, and confidence.” We were invited to to embody your future self, allowing ourselves to expand into the deepest truth of your self-expression, creativity and unique gifts. I visualized being the “Hummingbird Tara” Energy which I had painted the week before. This session was very powerful for me.

“Hummingbird Tara” by Della Burford which came to me as important to “Future Self” in workshop with Marie Mbouni in ‘Create a New Dream’ event.

On Sunday :

Shamanic Activism with Ben Boomer – As Ben said “What is prayer in action, and asked us how do we live a life as ceremony? Ben said, “This is the time to take all the tools, lessons and power you have gathered and embody and live them. The power of rest, renewal and community opens doors to receiving support and inspiration, and for the resilience of Spirit we all need in order to create the New Dream”. We were encourages to allow the beauty, harmony and perfection in the present moment. For me personally I knew I must take my 40 years of dream awareness and embody and live.

Prophecies and the New Dream Dr. Jose Stevens

Where do we go from here as a planet? We reviewed some prominent shamanically oriented prophecies from Indigenous peoples including the Toltecs and the Mayans and as he said we “saw what they say about the paradigm shift, our chances for success, and the obstacles to overcome. We explored the evolution of consciousness , the role of the pandemic, and the future of shamanism and what this meant for the next 1000 years.”

In the final break-out session we all included ideas of Creating the New Dream – WE DREAM. We were a community creating together as WE in the WORLD have to create together a New Dream for both ourselves, all living things and the World. After a meditation and in a Delta state I saw a Cosmic Egg being birthed from a Cosmic Eye.. another healing painting in the future. It was Universal and a “WE DREAM’ moment.

What would YOUR dream be for the WORLD?

Thanks everyone who were part of this event.. speakers and members of the Society of Shamanic Practice- it was certainly a meaningful time and food for body, mind and soul.