I felt privileged to have a chance to study with an inspirational man – Richard Pochinko.. clown legend in 1986. Richard helped people to go inside themselves and find their own uniqueness by moving in the four directions with masks. The masks were made with the eyes shut. I also met Ian Wallace who was equally inspiring!

I had many dreams during the process and painted and wrote about them . What was birthed was a baby clown. I wrote a diary while doing this and included this diary in the book Richard Pochinko – Clown thru Mask.

Ian Wallace worked with myself (Della Burford) , and Dale Bertrand on producing this book which Ian had been told in a dream was to be done. We worked very hard to make sure this dream came true for him in the last year of his life.

I took the completed book for him to see at the hospital before his passing. But he has a strong spirit and his spirit lives on. He comes to visit me in dreams – one dream right after passing was him as a white tiger. Peace.

Page from book – Richard Pochinko- Clown thru Mask

Richard Pochinko and Ian Wallace both influenced me including in my Star Galaxy for the World book a Wonder Storyteller with the secret message for us to remember in this Pandemic time “ I and Wonder are one. I love Wonder, I give thanks for Wonder. I will take Wonder Action for the World.


Della Burford

Wonder Storyteller from Star Galaxy for the World by Della Burford
Richard Pochinko and Ian Wallace .. together forever!