Raimonda Pironti in Montreal bringing laughter while shopping.

I was luck enough to meet Raimonda Pironti in one of my Dream Classes and even luckier to meet her when in Montreal for a art show there a few years ago.

She loves color and laughter and has combined the two to make some outfits to wear out to do shopping at this touchy ‘no touch’ ‘no hug’ time. She says people smile and laugh with her.

She said when I was chatting with her she said, “I became inspired to make a costumes when seeing African children in their nature dresses and I tried myself and the clown came out.”

African children dressing up with nature dress.

I love their use of plants as body art.

Raimonda also took a workshop with Michai Shimoni on “Empowerment” and portrayed herself as her own unique clown. They were instructed to take a photocopy of a picture of herself and put on a canvas, gesso and then paint . Of course she made it unique with her unique clown self and by adding a baby giraffe.

Painting done by Raimonda in workshp with Michai Shimoni

I told her about the Pochinko clown method and she purchased the Richard Pochinko- Clown thru Mask that we produced. He developed the ‘baby clown‘ approach which was developing one’s unique clown using the Medicine Wheel. She is the perfect student and hope she thinks of ways of sharing her knack for the ‘being happy’ person she is. We need more of this very attitude in the world right now!

She shared with me a special place she wants to visit when ‘the divine time is right’ in France with a man called Slava Poulin and his place is called ‘Moulin Jaune‘ – certainly Wonder filled.

Let’s make our destination ‘Wonder’ – for ourselves and for others.

To Wonder,

Della Burford