I reflect on a post written in 2018 when I started the Intuition Storyteller. It developed organically but am reflecting on a period of my life from 1996 -2001 when intuition was at the forefront. I call it the Third Eye period. I am having intuition as my theme in my Blog for October 2020. I recently at a Shamanic Practices event was reminded that the Toltec prophesy told of this difficult time we are going thru now in 2020 and also prophesized that opening the Third Eye and going to our Inner World is so important in facing this world challenge. So today I am reflecting on the Intuition Storyteller message in ‘Star Galaxy for the World’ and am remembering to say, “ I and Intuition are one, I give thanks for Intuition, I take Intuition Action for the World.

My memory from 2018 when starting on the drawing for the Intuition Storyteller is below:

“When I woke up today the sun hit my face and I saw a rainbow spiral in a liminal state and saw a few small cartoons of people being inspired .. both with art and music. I looked at a Medicine Wheel and saw four parts. Buddha was in the center and a rainbow-colored tornado-like wind filled him . After this dream my main intention today was to work on the Intuition Storyteller. I felt this dream was a signal for me to do this.

Today when I started the drawing draw the music t“Voice of the Dream” came on by Tron Syvensen and I knew this confirmed to me it was RIGHT time to continue working on this project. Synchronicity will do this. I started on the drawing of the Medicine Buddha .. I had a dream quite a few years back of a golden buddha that turned blue and upon awakening wondered why and discovered this is a very special buddha.. the Medicine Buddha .. who helps people in healing.. so researched it at the time and have had the energy around at special times when I have needed it for myself or others.. I am putting this Buddha in this painting as I felt it was so powerful for me and also is for the world. I started to sketch the Medicine Buddha Mandala.. for healing which included many symbols representing the dharma , the gateways and bodisattvas.

When I do the painting of the Intuition Storyteller will pay close attention to my dreams to guide me and use chanting and visualizations to get the energy right. This is to represent the connection to a vision with the intuitive insight I was thankful to start this drawing of the vision and at the end of my day felt gratitude and just as I thought this the music ‘Grace’ came on …. and so it continues with Grace“.

To Intuition,

Della Burford

Intuition Storyteller by Della Burford for the book ‘Star Galaxy for the World’
Just starting the sketch for the Intuition Storyteller .. started in 2018 — painting not finished until 2019 – it is in the book ‘Star Galaxy for the World’ on Amazon