Divinely limited again, but in your Dreams you find Visions

A Place called Third Eye where Sacred calls

You visit August Moon- Buddha, DalaiLama, Moon Mother

Where Druid Seers help you go on Quests to find Mermaids

You find the Beauty Rose in the middle of a Tibetan Monk Circle

Compassion Lotus Lakshmi and Muse Swan Saraswati witness

And Faces morph, Buddha sits as Isis rythmically Ribbon Dances

Reminded Bird Helmet (caduceus is the the Emblem on the Headband

In your Dreams you become a Bird and sprout Huge Wings and Soar.

2000 had surgery for Cancer. Started on my new story and paintings. Took five years to fully recover. Wrote and painted “Miracle Galaxy” which took place in many places in the world and includes teaching on values, and special qualities that help in a crisis. Later adapted to create “Star Galaxy for the World”
Knew it was a story for personal, spiritual and planetary growth.
In 2001 worked on a presentation of “Magical Earth Secrets” and “Miracle Galaxy” for an international cultural festival in Korea – Island Festival and we represented Vancouver Island.
I was doing Alternative Therapy with Inspire Health

Dreams that were my favourites “Chocolate chakras, Sweat Lodge with Star Bear, White Ticket to Astral Plane,

August Moon Visions, Rainbow shower, Transformation from little boy to old man, Buddha doorknob. 3 Buddhas swiveling on the Centre of a lotus, Spirit Swan women, Yellow Temple, Monks studying the beauty of the Rose, White Fying Angel doing rhythmic gymnastics, became a Flying Bird Helmet. I sprouted huge wings and soared.

“Saw a shaman with tattoos who was calling mine and Dale’s name.(This was before Korea and saw the shaman in Korea from Maori.)

“jaguar dream”, “ Learning Flowers” (black and white),
” Had many inspired images of Angels of healing “,

Tools used for inspiration: Diary
Dream Wheels


  1. Went for summer to the Kootenay.. just six months after surgery .had many vision and third eye and upper chakras had major opening. I called this night the “August Moon Visions”
  2. Dale and I representing Canada at the World Island Festival in Jeju Island Korea which had 26 countries represented and showed the cultural diversity of the world.
  3. Worked with Sundance School in Victoria on Travel stories centered in different countries and a school mural with each child’s story becoming a petal of a Giant Flower.
  4. Penn Kemp and I did “Sounding the “Stones” at the exhibition of the Miracle Galaxy painting and Dale photo of the Sacred Stones for the Druid – John Hugh Robert’s project.
Dale and Della’s third Eye Cycle 1995-2002