Fellow author Aaron Zerah asked if I would paint a book of Spiritual Stories.

I thought of Ernst Fuchs in Austria who painted many Spiritual paintings including ones of Jesus and

many Spiritual followers. I decided to give it a try and before I painted read his beautiful stories and then

would go to bed and dream. I was shown in dreams many ways they should be painted. One story had the

Mount Kailash in it and another dream friend said, “Why don’t you just try to go there in your dreams.

Well, I have been studying Dream Yoga and so when I woke up in the night used certain sounds and looked

at image of the Sacred Mountain. To my surprise, I was able to go there in my dream and met some monks

that were meditating there. Once I had gone once I was able to go back again a few times.

Aaron likes to share these books to the children of the world so arranged for it to be available on Amazon and

also as a free book for kids who could not otherwise afford it. 6000 digital copies have been given away. See the link below.

These are folk stories for everyone. I will post a few paintings from the book.. share it if you can.

Sending my best wishes .. Della

Spirit Storybooks – Three traditional folk tales from around the world

As described by the website on the internet – In Spirit Storybooks, Aaron Zerah retells three traditional folk tales, Bamapama Chases the Kangaroo, Buddha Saves the Swan, and Jesus and the Birds of Clay. These stories are interesting for their aspects of the individual cultures and religions they stem from. The book is complete with fascinatingly beautiful, colourful paintings by world-renowned spiritual artist Della Burford.

Painting from “Jesus and the Clay Birds”

Painting from ‘Buddah Saves the Swans”
Painting from ‘Bamapama chases the kangaroo’