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Photo Dale took for Valentines of me and our little dog Rosy. We are sending love on Valentine’s to all.

Many Faces – One Heart!

In thinking of this time in the transition at Solstice to the Sixth Sun  (Dream Sun) having dreams of people (Faces) of many cultures of the world  Contemplated the last few days my drawing of the Dragon Ley Lines done this month and how certain places are considered the Chakras of the Earth. My drawing was inspired by Robert Coon’s work on the Chakras The dreams of Dancing were of various places where we have done storytelling, performances of my books that have taken place in all over the world and dances we saw at the World Island Festival in Jeju. All sharing love with the world. Dale Bertrand has documented this process over decades so I have collected photos the last few days and put them on the Ley Line map I drew.All sharing love with the world.

First I thought of the North American Root Chakra and the first project we did at Wandering Spirit School in Toronto with Vern Harper and Pauline Shirt. Also of the various performances of Dodoland in New York which continued for seven years. In going further along the Male Dragon Ley Line and to the Navel Chakra thought of the Pyramids in Mexico and work done in Mexico (started a children program at a Canadian school) and where I took Dance classes and mentored with Gloria Arroyo. The New York Theatre group Imaginations Unlimited took Dodoland to Guatemala for an event for teachers who taught challenged children. The group performed and had workshops including using art and dance to teach.  Also reminded in going along the map to Peru of a group Art Show in Cuzco Peru. Peru is one of the crossing points between the Male and Female Dragon Ley Lines as is Bali. Of course, we have fond memories of Made Sidia’s work in Bali with us and his own Dance School Paripurna performances. The Male Dragon Ley line moves up to Korea and this is where we participated as Canadian representatives in the World Festival of Island Cultures. Here we saw 27 islands dance and have included Dale’s photo on this map of some of the dancers. The last spot of the Male Dragon Ley Line and the Throat Chakra is Japan and we have had the good fortune to see the story Magical Earth Secrets performed there for seven years. We went and saw a performance of “Magical Rainbow” at the Kanazawabunko Festival in 2018. There has also been a performance of Miracle Galaxy and we wish this to continue on and looks possible for 2021. Thanks to all the Producers and Dancers as they have put so much love into it. Most of my work is an act of love.

Next I traveled in my memories along the Female Dragon Ley Line from Easter Island (which we saw the dancers at the World Festival in Korea) , back to Titikaka and up to the Stone Monoliths (Celtic) and Glastonbury which embodies the Heart Chakra which we visited when working – storytelling in England. At this time we also visited Holland and did a Create your own Healing Story workshop. I had gone earlier to Sweden and children storytold Magical Earth Secrets there at the Globetree Event. The Female Dragon line goes further to Kailash which represents the Crown Chakra and here I thought of the time when in India and writing and painting Journey to a Lotus, met our Tibetan Bead Mentor who loved to dress us up into Tibetan traditional costumes. Richard Coon in his writing says the Third Eye can be anywhere where the consciousness of people is raised. When traveling further along with the Female Dragon Ley Line my thoughts were on the World Island Festival in Korea again as we saw various groups dance there that are on the Female Dragon Ley Line such as parts of Mongolia, India, Papua New Guinea and Scotland. At the end of the Female Dragon Ley Line is New Zealand on the Navel Chakra and I remembered vividly the Maori dance at the Jeju World Island Festival

So for Valentine’s Day I want to share a post done on dancing earlier but this time it is the people (faces) sharing  MANY FACES -ONE HEART.  We are all one in the world . This is what my dreams are telling me. Let’s keep our heart chakras open. ! In 2021 I have made a Stone mandala medicine wheel on my Mesa and each day put out good thoughts for gratitude, peace, kindness, and divine light to all locations and people where these Sacred Sites. are . Plus the one on the map I have also included a Circle for Europe ( including Greece and Holland where I recently had an audio story made) , Northern Europe, and a stone for the Middle East and China too! MANY FACES – ONE HEART.

Dale and I went to a Greece Restaurant for early Valentine’s .
Reminded us of when we traveled to Corfu, Greece.

Della Burford ‘s portable Peruvian Mesa with Stone Mandala.

This photo was taken yesterday of mountains near where we live – at Parksville.
The power
of the mountains (Apu) are
felt when I meditate —
To name just a few – Mountains on Vancouver Island, also the Rockies, Mt. Shasta, Snowden,
Carn Fader, Kailash, The Himalayas, Holy Mountain, Mt Fuji, and the Andes.