Dodoland is Birthed in a Cycle in the Dream Wheels book I call birth which is from 1974-1980. I asked friends which fantasy character they wanted to become.. they became the fantasy animals on the Dragon Ship. We had our faces painted, dressed up in costumes and lived our dreams. That was many moon ago, now Dodoland is on the internet and has had 2 million individuals visit. The link is below. It was one of the first on the internet and the site is now twenty seven years old.

This is from the book ‘Art for One World’

One good friend was already his own fantasy character — this was the “Incredible Red Banana Man“. He would dress up in costume and be Incredible Red. He brought a lot of joy and laughter everywhere. Thought of him today as it would of been his birthday. Love to him in the Spirit World. Contemplating a “Dodoland” storytelling for this Pandemic time to lighten the mood and bring a little joy.

Painting of the ‘Incredible Red Banana’– Michael Wesselink.

A few other important highlights of this Cycle is

Having a dream of the Cosmic One who told me “I am sitting on the lotus but the lotus is in you”

Meet a small boy on a pier and was shown a book. This was a prophetic dream as when in Laguna Dr. Mazurek took me to a pier that had the same feeling in Laguna Beach.

In 1979 I received a message from a dream guide to write Magical Earth Secrets in a teepee. My sister Norah days later said she was going to live in a teepee and would I come. I wrote the first draft of the story.

We worked with hearing impaired children doing art and movement.

I also did a project at Sunnyview School for children who were in wheelchairs and seriously disabled.

I saw a phoenix rising in my dream and my Bird Helmet on fire and phoned the Dr. to give the books away to the poorest children. They were given as christmas gifts to children in need.


In Wonder of Birth,

Della Burford